2017 Muriel’s Breath of Life Picnic

After a one year hiatus, the Muriel’s Breath of Life picnic came back better than ever on Sunday, August 20th at the Lodge at North Park. We were again blessed with fabulous weather and great support from sponsors, family and friends. There were 141 adults and 28 children who attended. We were honored to have Katelyn Heinbaugh, one of the CF patients who has been supported by the fund, attend the picnic with her family. The CF clinic staff was well represented as they have come to appreciate the wonderful things that the money raised can do for their patients. Katelyn was kind enough to share her personal experience of how the fund supported her during a very difficult time and Connie Richless, the adult clinic coordinator who cared for Muriel, shared her perspective on the importance of the fund. The food and entertainment were great and fun was had by all. In addition to the good attendance we had very generous sponsors and individual donations that allowed us to raise approximately $30,000. These wonderful supporters are recognized on the donation page. The plan is to use half of the money raised to support the clinics over the next 6-12 months and the other half will be applied to the endowment. Next years picnic will be Sunday, August 19th at the Lodge.


Event Sponsor

  • UPMC St. Margaret

Gold Sponsors

  • JMS Capital
  • Northside Foods
  • Berger and Lagnese
  • Wellington Power
  • Rosen, Louik and Perry
  • Precise Inc.

Silver Sponsor

  • Kontos
  • Mengine
Bronze Sponsor
  • Simpson Family Foundation
  • David and Beth Short
  • David and Linda McKamish
  • NFP Structured Settlements
  • Finley Consulting
  • The Priory
  • Respirtech
  • Goodrich and Geist