2020 MBOL Golf Raffle

I am excited to announce the MBOL golf raffle for 2020. This year’s raffle presents a tremendous opportunity to play one of the three great golf courses listed below.

                                              Pikewood National Golf Club (threesome)

                                              St. Clair Country Club (threesome)

                                              Pittsburgh Field Club (foursome)


Pikewood National is a spectacular but challenging course ranked #40 in US and #79 in the world by Golf Digest. It is a beautiful and pristine walk with stunning views. St. Clair has been ranked in the top 100 clubs in America (2012) and is celebrating its 100th anniversary.  Last but not least is the Field Club. This beautiful, well maintained course presents one of the most spectacular views from the first tee and finishes with the unique opportunity to ride an elevator between 17 green and 18 tee.  Remember that there are only 100 tickets sold and 3 winning tickets, one for each course. Therefore for only $100 you will have a very reasonable chance of winning a great day of golf with friends. 

Because of the generosity of our golf sponsors, 100% of the raffle proceeds go directly to the patients with Cystic Fibrosis.  Our mission is to identify the patients in need and provide funds to help them meet the out of pocket expenses that occur with treating their chronic disease. To learn more about Muriel’s Breath of Life and the wonderful work that is done with the money raised, please visit our web site, murielsbreathoflife.org

I would like to thank our sponsors—Tim Gralewski aka Fish (Pikewood), Dave Fitzsimmons (St. Clair) and Tom Welsh (Pittsburgh Field Club) for their great support and generosity.  

The winning tickets will be determined by the last 2 numbers from the evening Pick 3 number of the Pa. Daily Lottery on April 27th (Pikewood National), April 28th (St. Clair) and April 29th (Pittsburgh Field Club). To buy a ticket, please contact John at [email protected] and mail a check made out to Muriel’s Breath of Life, to John Lagnese, 4451 Oak Lane, Allison Park, Pa. 15101. You can also pay on PayPal on the website. Please make sure that you include your address and phone contact so that we can mail you your ticket and then contact you “when” you win. Thanks for your support and GOOD LUCK!