Muriel’s Breath of Life Endowment

The Lagnese family established the Muriel’s Breath of Life Foundation (learn more here) in 2010 to help close the financial gaps of care for people in the tri-state area of Pittsburgh affected by Cystic Fibrosis (CF). This Foundation honors the life of Muriel Lagnese, a loving and kind woman who lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis at only 56 years young.

Muriel’s Breath of Life and the Lagnese family have established an endowment to support this cause for years to come.s

Our goal: To raise $500,000 by 2021 to generate enduring funds that will help children and adults with CF cover medical and associated costs not covered by health insurance. The Lagnese family and the Foundation contributed $100,000 to establish the endowment.

Our mission: To develop a Board of Directors and plan a series of fundraising activities, including its annual Family Picnic, to expand the donor base and raise funds for the endowment.

Our partnership: The family has partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation, who will act as the endowment administrator and help create a lasting source of support for CF families in need.

Your generous gift provides long-term financial support for needy CF patients and their families in the Pittsburgh region for generations to come.

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